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Drive your career forward

The Shopify School of Commerce offers programs and initiatives to launch your rewarding career in sales. Our ultimate goal is to inspire, recruit, and develop you as the next generation of talent. 

Learn more about our four-month paid Revenue School program for graduates. Or, sign up below for our newsletter to find out more about our upcoming internship program.

Revenue School
Start your rewarding career

Graduates, add rocket fuel to your career by applying to the Revenue School program.

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working with people, you can start your dream career and learn the skills to become a world-class sales professional. 

In this paid four-month program, you'll learn through facilitated training, coaching, lectures, and job shadowing.

Once you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to receive an offer for a full-time sales role where you’ll make an immediate impact and work with Shopify’s best-in-class sales team. 

Find out more about the program and hear from our associates.

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Find out if sales is right for you

The Shopify School of Commerce is launching an internship program in 2022.

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Partner with us

We know that educational institutions are just starting to focus on teaching sales skills, so if you’re a professor or program administrator, we’d like to partner with you to help develop your programs.

If you’re looking for sponsors for your next sales-related event or competition, contact us.  

Rev School Associate

Tierney Sterling

"Revenue school is the perfect program for new grads who have an interest in sales. This unparalleled opportunity was a perfect balance of hands on work, professional development, and networking. The context and work experience I've gained has allowed me to make a greater impact in my role at Shopify."
Rev School Associate

Dalton Dowson

"I’d recommend Revenue School to anyone that is passionate about entrepreneurship. Through job shadowing and working in a role you are able to connect with a TON of successful entrepreneurs and businesses. Rev School also gives new grads actual tech sales experience, something that is incredibly valuable in today’s world. Oh yeah, and you get to do all this from the comfort of your own home"
Hiring Manager

Karan Malik

"I am blown away by the prestige of Rev school & the growth of our new grads who are part of the program. The experience a new grad will receive at a fast growing, enterprise business like Shopify is extremely rare and highly coveted. This program will refine critical skill sets needed to expedite a new grads career trajectory."
Rev School Associate

Josh Bright

"Rev School is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to launch their career at a fast growing, rapidly evolving tech company. From connecting with entrepreneurs and business owners around the globe to the mentorship and development opportunities, this experience has had a tremendous impact on my professional growth. I’d recommend Rev School to any new grad looking for a launchpad into tech sales."