5 top reasons to consider sales as a career

You might be working toward your business degree and not know what you’d like to do after you graduate. You may be studying communications and are unsure of your career path. If you haven’t yet considered sales, here are several reasons why this could be the rewarding career you’re looking for.

Meet people and help them solve problems 

Sales is often relationship driven. You're the one that helps your customer choose the right product or service to grow a business, solve a problem or address a pain point. As a sales professional, your expertise adds value and helps customers achieve their dreams and goals. 

Learn the business from the ground up - and grow in your career 
If you enjoy learning and challenging yourself, sales may be right for you. When you work in sales, you learn about the customer, the organization and the products or services. Many sales organizations also offer a tonne of training and support, which helps you grow. You’ll learn pitching, negotiating, and networking - skills that you’ll use throughout your career. And, many well-known business leaders started in sales, like Warren Buffet (investor), Mark Cuban (sports team owner and investor) and Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx).

Set up your own success

Most sales positions offer a mix of salary and commission so you can set your goals as high as you like. You’ll have a lot of control over your earnings and have autonomy and flexibility in order to achieve those goals. Sky’s the limit. 

Work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment

 If you like being busy and working in an energetic and competitive field, sales should be on your list. In sales, you’ll work with a variety of people including high-energy, engaging and driven team members who will encourage you to succeed.

Make an impact

Sales is a huge driver of revenue for any organization. As you hone your skills, reach your targets and set new ones, you’ll be able to track your growth and achieve what you set out to do. Many people find this type of work fulfilling and rewarding.
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