7 tips to make your Rev School application stand out

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of applications for our program. We review every one, but here are some tips to help your resume rise to the top of the pile.

1. Tell us why you’re interested in sales and write two prospecting emails

We’d like to know why you’re really passionate about this opportunity. Tell us how you love making an impact and helping people. 

You'll also need to write a couple of short prospecting emails. Do some research first about what works well for reaching out to clients through email, and stick to the length provided in the application. 

2. Update your resume to include any relevant work or volunteer experience, and use a clean format so your information is easy to read

Include any sales courses, work experience, accomplishments, and leadership experience in student clubs. Make sure you make it relevant to the job description and the information is easy to read. Feel free to use a well designed resume template and personalize it.  

3. Get a friend to review your resume before you submit it

After we’ve looked at our cover letter and resume for the 14th time, we tend not to see typos and other errors any longer. A fresh look at your application can help you fix those errors before you hit send. Then, don’t forget to buy your friend a latte (or a treat) for helping out.

4. Check the closing date for your application and apply early

You don’t want to miss the closing date for your dream job!

5. Join our e-list to get updates, career advice and success stories delivered right to your inbox 

Our emails will help place future opportunities in front of you and remind you about those closing dates. You’ll also get great advice about your sales career from our experts and coaches. It's easy to sign up - go to the bottom of this page or click this link, and enter your info.

6. Check your email spam folders to see if you receive an email from us 

Sometimes emails get trapped in your spam folder. When you’re searching for a job, make sure you check it often just in case.

7. Finally, relax and sit tight. You’ve done your best! 

There is often a lot of competition for these spots, but if it looks like you could be a good fit, we’d love to offer you an interview. Shopify has a unique was of hiring - check out our Careers page for more details. If you don’t hear from us, don’t despair. Stay on the email list and submit an application again when you see a future opportunity you like.