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Revenue School Associates give top marks to Revenue School - the paid training program that can set you up for a sales career at Shopify.

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“I believe there is no better way for a graduate to begin a professional career than enrolling in Shopify’s Revenue School in the School of Commerce. I’ve been trained by industry professionals on how to master practical sales skills and add value, and I’ve learned about new software and products. The understanding I have gained will serve me throughout my career. With everything I have learned so far in the program, I can’t wait to see what I can do next!”
- Mauricio Banados-Cornejo, United Kingdom

"I can’t emphasize enough the impact this program has had on me. Revenue School hires you not for your expertise (this can be taught), but for the person you already are. They emphasize the importance of being yourself and bringing your own experiences, knowledge and personality to the table. Taking that into account, through the training and hands-on experience, you gain many relevant skills and insights towards helping you craft your own unique sales persona."
- Enzo Bascon, Eastern United States
"As a chemist by trade, I wasn't sure how I was ever going to break into tech sales with zero experience, however, Shopify’s Revenue School opened that door for me. Right off the bat, I felt set up for success since we were building on my existing skills, and I had a dedicated sales coach and mentors who helped me realize my potential. I strongly recommend this program to anyone considering a career in sales, even if you don't think your background would be an asset (spoiler: it definitely is!)."
- Chelsea D’Cruz, Central Canada

"I knew I made the right decision on day one of Revenue School. My entire cohort is like-minded, driven to learn more about sales, and comes to work with enthusiasm and passion. Our sales coach is incredible and arranges for us to meet other sales professionals at the company, while organizing group discussions and asynchronous work to learn more about Shopify’s ever-expanding product suite. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to join an incredible company and dive into sales!"
- Sophie Kinley, Eastern Canada

"I cannot recommend Revenue School enough! This program is perfect for anyone looking to kickstart a career in sales and become immersed in the world of ecommerce. The experiences and training I have received as a Rev School associate have been world class and I feel extremely well equipped for the rest of my journey at Shopify."
- Rebecca Potter, Southern United States

"I was following another career path in banking and was looking for a way to break into sales. I’ve found Shopify’s Revenue School is the perfect place to learn and develop new skills for this exciting industry. You can expect to 10x your sales skills, learn the ins and outs of the industry, and make great friends along the way!"
- Albert Simonjanc, Central Canada

"Revenue School has surrounded me with other recent grads who are enthusiastic about sales. We are growing and learning together and there is a real camaraderie. And, everyone at the school genuinely cares about our development and wants to see us succeed, which makes me feel valued as a new hire! As someone who is passionate about self-growth, I cannot wait to continue this journey with Shopify - a world-class ecommerce company that provides me with the tools I need to be a constant learner."
- Ryan Sparkes, Central Canada 

"Applying to the Revenue School program was the best decision I have made for my career after graduating from university. Going back to a learning environment while also working is such a unique experience that has really helped me form the building blocks for my career. This program is the perfect balance of live sessions, asynchronous work and real-world application. Finally, being part of such a close-knit team gives everyone the space to grow, connect and challenge each other. I couldn’t recommend Revenue School enough!"
- Abby Terpstra, Central Canada

"Rev School has given me an opportunity to learn tech sales hands-on at a company that values entrepreneurship as much as I do. It’s also taught me how to learn, adapt, and develop with a growth mindset. Joining Rev School, I had no professional sales experience and I was absolutely terrified to pitch, but after delivering my first pitch, I gained confidence in myself and felt supported. I also received great feedback from my manager and my other colleagues in the program." 
Dabney Villasenor, Eastern United States

“I’d recommend Revenue School to anyone interested in entrepreneurship and sales. I have gained a lot of experience and a greater understanding of this ecommerce giant. I’m with a small cohort and have received 1 to 1 mentoring, online training, and coaching and have honed my software skills. This has allowed me to improve my knowledge of this field by leaps and bounds. It’s a fantastic program.”
- Leila Ziar, United Kingdom

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